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Welcome to a space of love, comfort, and deliciousness! I am Santina Guyton, the proud owner and baker of Santina's Cakes By The Pound. I am a believer in "soul food," and it is a part of my kitchen's mantra. I mean that in the sense that I pour my heart and soul into every batter that I whip, and I know the comfort that my cakes have provided to my family and friends throughout the years.
I am now welcoming YOU into my family. Baking with the same love and passion, you can now order comfort cakes that are made with the finest ingredients, moist, and flavorful. With a contemporary spin on a traditional favorite, my pound cakes are sure to dispel the idea that it is a companion only to coffee or ice cream. These cakes take center stage, and one flavor will pique your interest in all the rest.
I look forward to sharing a bit of my soul with you and your loved ones... in the most delicious way! 


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